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Welcome to the "Way of the Warrior" Masterclass

 A transformational journey that seamlessly blends ancient shamanic and Druidic wisdom with practical tools for integrating spirituality into everyday lives.

Rooted in the timeless energy of the Medicine Wheel, this immersive course takes students on a journey through four semesters, each spanning 13 enlightening weeks. You'll explore the 8 pillars of learning, where written knowledge, creative storytelling, ritual writing exercises, nature-based immersions, potion brewing, rituals, the fusion of movement and music, and meditations blend to offer a truly comprehensive spiritual education.

This Masterclass beckons spiritual seekers standing at the threshold of their lives, those who desire to infuse more vibrancy and meaning into their existence. It appeals to all learning styles and encourages students to step away from their screens and connect deeply with nature, fostering a powerful bond between the internal spiritual journey and the external natural world.

This isn't just a course; it's an experience that weaves together the spiritual with the mundane, guiding you toward a life characterized by heightened presence, joy, and self-love. No prerequisites are required – only a genuine desire to transform your everyday life through spiritual enrichment.

Students can opt for a single semester to experience the transformative power of this course or commit to the full year for added savings and extra perks. These include access to a robust, global community, "Avalon", and discounts on other enriching courses and meditations in our Soul Shop. Comprehensive enrollment opens up opportunities for group emotional integration and breathwork sessions, fostering further self-discovery and healing.

Uniquely designed, the "Way of the Warrior" Masterclass goes beyond mere knowledge transfer. It's an invitation to an expansive, deeply immersive journey that fosters personal transformation and spiritual growth. So, step into your power, and walk the path of the Warrior today.

Firefly, Answer the Echo

The echoes of ancient wisdom, the song of your true self, reverberate in your soul. It's time to answer the call. Embark on your spiritual journey and reshape your reality with the "Way of the Warrior" Masterclass. There's no time like NOW.

Join the Warrior's Path


2023-2024 Upcoming Semesters


Four Thematic Semesters: Each semester starts and finishes with the equinox or solstice, following a theme relevant to the direction we're studying.

Eight Unique Class Genres: Engage in Earth Rhythms, Council Gatherings, Moon Temple Meditations, Soul Crafting, Woodland Wanderlust, Wildwood Apothecary, Word Weavers, and Lumos Library.

  • A Focus on Self-Discovery and Empowerment: Rediscover who you are, why you're here, and empower yourself to live your truth.

  • A Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who are committed to stepping into their power and living authentically.

  • A Transformative Journey: Empower you to rediscover your true self and embrace the magic of life through the teachings of the Celtic Medicine Wheel.

  • Return to the Essence: Whether your quest is to forge deeper bonds in your relationships, awaken your spiritual consciousness, or reignite your connection with nature, 'The Way of the Warrior' is your passport back to the heart of what truly matters.

It’s time to nurture, love, empower and rediscover yourself like never before.

Semester One: The Warrior's Awakening - Summer Semester

I invite you to rouse the inner warrior within you this summer, during our journey known as The Warrior's Awakening. Let this season of light and warmth nourish the seeds of self-love planted within your soul, cultivating deep, meaningful connections that enrich your life. Treasure the magic woven into each moment of connection with the world around us.

Together, we'll explore sacred rituals that kindle the flame of your spirit. You'll learn to create and hold space that is sacred, reverent, and deeply supportive. As we walk the paths of our beloved Mother Earth, I'll share with you the gentle art of treading lightly, honoring the sacred ground beneath our feet.

Embrace this opportunity to root down, rise up, and fluidly move forward into a life teeming with vibrancy and courage. This is our dance, Firefly - the Dance of the Warrior. A dance that beckons you to live with your heart wide open, embracing the fullness of life and the profound capacity to love deeply.


Semester Two: The Soul's Metamorphosis - Fall Semester

As the leaves change and fall, I invite you to join us in a journey of significant transformation - The Soul's Metamorphosis. This is your opportunity to shake off the weight of fatigue and unnecessary burdens, leaning into the magical powers of ritual, the wisdom of nature, and the raw essence of rewilding.

Through The Soul's Metamorphosis, a doorway to personal freedom swings open, enabling you to break free from any lingering confines and step into the boundless expanse of your true self. This semester calls you to emerge from the chrysalis of limitations, ready to spread your wings and ascend into a fresh phase of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

May the fall season's winds lift you, Firefly, into this new chapter of your journey.

Semester Three: Shamanic Reverie - Winter Semester

As the winter snow blankets the earth, I welcome you to embark on a profound inward expedition, 'Shamanic Reverie.' In this journey, you will explore the potent dimensions of the spirit world, engaging in practices such as journeying, meditation, dreaming, and soul tracking.

'Shamanic Reverie' is a pilgrimage to the hallowed spaces residing within you, spaces that unlock doors to more profound wisdom and spiritual connection. Within winter's peaceful silence, we gently pull back the curtains of perceived reality, engaging in a dance with the unseen, discovering our inherent spiritual gifts, and awakening to the vast wisdom of the cosmos.

May the quiet whisperings of winter guide you, Firefly, through this spiritual odyssey.

Semester Four: Enchanting Everyday - Spring Semester

As the Spring unfurls, rejuvenating our Mother Earth, I invite you to immerse yourself in 'Enchanting Everyday,' a journey of uncovering the unseen magic in our everyday surroundings. This semester empowers you to metamorphose the ordinary into the extraordinary through practices of sacred action, prayer, and mindfulness.

'Enchanting Everyday' is the art of witnessing the divine in the smallest of details. As the Spring breathes new life into the world, you will cultivate the ability to recognize every moment as a unique opportunity for spiritual connection and awakening. This journey will light the way towards a life drenched in sacred intention, where every action ripens into a potent prayer, and every moment transforms into a mindful communion with the divine.

I am eager to see you bloom this Spring, Firefly.

Unleash Your Spirit, Firefly

The path toward spiritual enrichment, emotional balance, and deeper connections is before you. Unleash your spirit, step onto the path, and begin the journey that transforms not just your life, but your very being.

Join the Warrior's Path




While many perceive me as a spiritual guide, meditation mentor, and entrepreneur, my essence goes beyond these labels - as does yours.

The world may try to confine us within predefined boundaries, but we are not obligated to reside there. Let's shake off the expectations and embrace the vibrant, meaningful life we are entitled to.

Embark with me on a transformative adventure of self-acceptance, self-realization, and the unabashed embodiment of our soul's vibrant, fiery potential.

Sarah, USA

"Enrolling in Dakota's course was the best decision I made this year. It rekindled the passion within me and helped me reclaim my personal power. I feel like a Sacred Heart Warrior ready to conquer the world!" 

Emily, Australia

"Dakota's Sacred Wheel Masterclass has been a life-changer. I've learned to forge deep bonds with others and Mother Nature, and I've grown so much as an individual. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to transform their life."

James, U.K.

"I was unsure at first, but taking Dakota's course turned out to be a turning point in my life. Her teachings on sacred rituals and self-love have been transformative. I am a better, happier, more connected person because of this course."

Hello Firefly, are you yearning for a deeper bond with your inner essence and the world that embraces you?

Here is a sampling of what you'll gain from this experience:

  • Deepen Your Spiritual Connection: Explore your intimate relationship with nature, spirit guides, and power animals, and delve into the worlds of Druidry and Shamanism.

  • Learn and Craft Sacred Tools: Create your own sacred tools and rituals, harnessing their power to effect transformative change in your life.

  • Master the Medicine Wheel: Understand the profound energy within each direction of the Medicine Wheel, using it as a guiding blueprint for your life's journey.

  • Discover and Align with Your Soul's Purpose: Identify your soul's true purpose and learn to bring it to the forefront of your life, integrating it into your work and daily activities.

  • Emotional Balance and Mental Peace: Achieve emotional balance, by learning to flow with your emotions rather than letting them stagnate and cause dysfunction. Reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, and enhance your ability to make healthy choices and set firm boundaries.

  • Deep, Meaningful Relationships: Improve your relationships through deeper connections, embody everyday practices of self-love and self-care, and create healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life.

  • Belong to a Sacred Community: Become part of "Avalon", a global community that offers a safe, engaging, and connected space for your authentic self to thrive. Experience the value of being part of a tribe that provides creative, supportive, and enduring friendships.

  • Greater Access to Learning Resources: Enjoy a discount in the Soul Shop, giving you access to a wider range of courses and meditations.

  • Embody Full Spectrum Living: Experience long-term benefits as the course's design enables mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual learning, fostering a holistic lifestyle known as "full-spectrum living".


By enrolling in the "Way of the Warrior" Masterclass, you are not just signing up for a course, but embarking on a journey of transformation and deep spiritual connection that will permeate all aspects of your life.

Embrace the Power, Firefly

The path of self-discovery, joy, and spiritual fulfillment waits for no one. Embrace your inner warrior and start this life-changing journey NOW.

Join the Warrior's Path

Personal Empowerment, Spiritual Connection, and a Supportive Community

Through this transformative journey, you will find yourself empowered to live your truth and embody the best version of yourself. The teachings of the Celtic Medicine Wheel, along with engaging exercises and activities, will help you rediscover who you are, why you're here, and the magic in everyday life.

Listen to the Whisper, Firefly

The wisdom of the Medicine Wheel and the voices of the ancients are calling. It's time to heed their whispers, embrace your spiritual journey, and transform your everyday life.

Join the Warrior's Path

8 Pillars of Exploration

The Way of the Warrior is not just a course; it's an awakening. It's a call to step into your power and live authentically. These 8 Pillars of Exploration carve out a unique journey designed for your soul. Utilize some or all of the pillars as you would like, this truly is YOUR journey.


Lumos Library: Delve into the realm of spiritual studies and illuminate your path with profound wisdom from Shamanism, Druidry, and Celtic spirituality. Balance the energy of the cardinal directions and let the transformative power of knowledge guide your journey.

Word Weavers: Awaken your inner storyteller and align your narrative through creative ritual writing. Embrace the power of words to express your deepest truths and craft a spiritual manifesto that is uniquely yours.

Wildwood Apothecary: Enter the sacred realm and learn to harness energy through rituals and spells. Each act, each ceremony, becomes a powerful tool for transformation, aligning you with your highest self.

Woodland Wanderlust: Engage in soulful nature expeditions that connect you deeply with the natural world. From 'soul dates' to 'photo journaling', every activity is an invitation to witness the beauty and wisdom of Mother Earth.

Soul Crafting: Immerse yourself in the art of crafting potent spiritual tools, potions, and elixirs. Each creation, imbued with your intention and energy, becomes an extension of your spiritual journey.

Moon Temple Meditations: Dive into the realms of your inner landscape through guided meditations and visualizations. Connect with spirit guides, power animals, and foster a deep sense of self-awareness and introspection.

Council Gatherings: Participate in live, interactive sessions where you connect, share experiences, and grow with a tribe of fellow spiritual explorers. These gatherings are more than just learning spaces; they're your spiritual family.

Earth Rhythms: Experience the fusion of music, movement, and creativity. Unearth your sacred sounds, connect with the universal rhythm, and immerse yourself in a transformative spiritual journey.

Heed the Call, Firefly

There has never been a better time than NOW to embark on this soul-filled journey.

Join the Warrior's Path



Firefly, my dear, do you ever find yourself weary? Sapped of energy or feeling like the world is a little too much? Ever questioned if you're enough or if you're living the destiny that was meant for you? If so, breathe and know this - you're not alone.

We all wander through moments of fatigue, uncertainty, and apprehension. Yet, it's in these very moments that the kernels of transformation take root. It's during these seasons that we can decide to step into our strength, reclaim our vitality, and realign with our deepest truth.

If this resonates with your spirit, then the Sacred Wheel Masterclass surely calls your name.

The Way of the Warrior is more than a class; it's a voyage of self-realization, a roadmap to personal power, and a lantern lighting the way to your most genuine existence.

So come Firefly. Let your spirit be drawn to this magical way of the Warrior, where the whispering winds and murmuring brooks echo your name. We eagerly await your arrival, ready to guide you on this extraordinary journey toward your authentic self.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

Council Gatherings + Avalon Access

$18 - $22

Per Session or Package

  • Limited Membership to the Avalon Community
  • Purchase individual sessions or a package of sessions.
  • Packages valid for one year from original purchase date
  • Packages may be used for sessions in any of the semesters

Single Semester + Avalon Access


One Payment/3 Months Access

  • Access to all "8 Pillars of Exploration" Material
  • Access to 6 Council Gatherings, Replays, and Packet Downloads
  • Limited Access to Avalon Community
  • Downloadable Book/Class Materials
  • Student Discount in Soul Shop during the duration of your enrollment



Annual Membership + Full Access to Avalon


One Payment/12 Months Access (Save $186)

  • Access to all "8 Pillars of Exploration" Material for four semesters
  • An exclusive monthly live session for the Wisdom Walkers with Dakota
  • Access to ALL Council Gatherings, Replays, and Packet Downloads
  • Downloadable Book/Class Materials for each semester
  • Full Membership to the Avalon community
  • Student Discount in Soul Shop during the duration of your enrollment
  • Access to the Ritual Write tools
  • Access to 4 Group Emotional Integration Sessions throughout the year. 


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Sacred Wheel Masterclass, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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