In-Person Retreat

October 5 - 8


Ritual Writing Retreat

Whispers of the Wild

Have you ever yearned for a space that allows your soul to speak, to be heard in the whispers of nature and the rhythm of ancient drums? Join us in Circleville, Ohio, from October 5 - 8, for a transformative writing retreat that beckons the muse of your deepest essence.

Nature as Our Muse

Feel the ground beneath your feet, the rustling of leaves, and allow nature to be your guide. Find words in the songs of the birds and tales in the dancing shadows of ancient trees.

A Drumming Fire Ceremony

Under the open sky, the drumbeat becomes our collective heartbeat, resonating with ancestral wisdom and the passion of the present.

Music and Movement

Flow with the wind, become the rhythm, and express the stories that lie dormant in your sinews and bones. Move the story through your body.

Ritual Writing for the Soul

Lay down your burdens and take up your pen. Ritual writing is an ancient art form, a sacred ceremony where words become an extension of your soul. The benefit? A cathartic release, illuminating the paths of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Soul Explorations

Fun, deep, innovative, creative, and inspiring exercises to wake up the muse inside you and move the pen effortlessly across the pages of your journal

Rituals & Ceremony

Rooted in both Shamanism and Druidry, these rituals connect us to the spiritual realm and the deeper rhythms of life.

Storytelling Around the Fire

As the embers glow, we gather and share stories, creating a tapestry of shared experiences and timeless tales.

"Our stories are the bridges between the ancient and the now. Let's create them together, in the embrace of nature and the wisdom of the ages."

Do you hear the call? Book your spot and be one of the chosen twelve to embark on this journey of words, wisdom, and wonder.

In the heart of Circleville, Ohio, a retreat awaits that promises more than mere respite. From October 5 - 8, immerse yourself in a haven of writing, reflection, and spiritual communion.

From the timeless art of ritual writing to the mesmerizing beat of drumming ceremonies, this retreat is a call to your soul, inviting you to dive deep and emerge transformed.

Nature will be our muse. Fire, our storyteller. And together, with just 11 other kindred spirits, we will weave tales, meditate under the canopy of stars, and partake in rituals that echo the wisdom of our ancestors.