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Journey into the Sacred Heart of Your Own Existence with Our Comprehensive Spiritual Alchemy Program.


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The path of self-discovery, joy, and spiritual fulfillment waits for no one. Embrace your inner warrior and start this life-changing journey NOW.

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About the Course

Are you feeling disconnected?


Do you yearn for a life filled with purpose, balance, and spiritual connection?


'The Soul's Metamorphosis' is not just another course—it's a transformative journey through the time-tested teachings of the Medicine Wheel.


Within each module, you'll explore ancient rites, spiritual tools, and wisdom that have the power to radically shift your life.


With 'The Soul's Metamorphosis,' you will:

  • Deepen your spiritual connection with the Universe
  • Learn how to integrate spirituality into your daily life
  • Master ancient rituals and wisdom to heal your soul

Meet the Teacher

While many perceive me as a spiritual guide, meditation mentor, and entrepreneur, my essence goes beyond these labels - as does yours.

The world may try to confine us within predefined boundaries, but we are not obligated to reside there. Let's shake off the expectations and embrace the vibrant, meaningful life we are entitled to.

Embark with me on a transformative adventure of self-acceptance, self-realization, and the unabashed embodiment of our soul's vibrant, fiery potential.

I'll be your guide on this transformative journey. I'm a seasoned spiritual alchemist with over 35 years of experience in spiritual mentoring and teaching. As a dedicated practitioner and teacher of the Medicine Wheel, I've helped thousands awaken their true selves and reclaim their innate spiritual power. I'd love to have join you on your journey!

Live Workshops

Connect, discuss, and grow in a safe and sacred space with like-minded individuals. Each session is designed to deepen your understanding and practice, giving you the opportunity to share and learn from others on the same spiritual journey.

Sacred Tools Crafting

Infuse your own energy as you handcraft your Sacred Tools. These workshops span 13 weeks and guide you step-by-step in creating a personalized repository of wisdom, magic, and curiosity.

Community Support

Virtual Lounges for Connection: Engage with a vibrant community of seekers and practitioners in our specially designed virtual lounges. These spaces are the crucibles for meaningful conversations, friendships, and spiritual networking.

Listen to the Whisper, Firefly

The wisdom of the Medicine Wheel and the voices of the ancients are calling. It's time to heed their whispers, embrace your spiritual journey, and transform your everyday life.

Join the Warrior's Path

Way of the Warrior: An Immersive Exploration of the Medicine Wheel West Mysteries

Main Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to the West Direction

  • A detailed introductory video accompanied by written material that sets the groundwork for your journey through the West Direction.

Module 2: Rituals & Ceremonies

  • Learn the art and importance of crafting rituals and ceremonies, and how to incorporate rituals into your everyday life.

Module 3: Beyond the Veil

  • A deep dive into the mystical world that exists beyond our immediate perception, working with our ancestors, and featuring guided meditations and interactive assignments to help connect you to your lineage.

Module 4: Bonus Samhain Rituals

  • Special lessons and materials to help you celebrate and understand the significance of Samhain in the Celtic Traditions.

Module 5: Rewilding

  • Interactive content focusing on reconnecting with the natural world for a more authentic self.

Module 6: Cultivating Gratitude

  • Detailed guide and interactive exercises on how to cultivate a mindset of gratitude, and how forgiveness can transform us.

Module 7: Soul Recovery

  • Learn the practice of retrieving lost parts of the soul for a more complete sense of self, and cutting cords effectively.

Module 8: Boundaries & Protection

  • Strategies and techniques to establish healthy boundaries and protect your spiritual space and your energy.

Module 9: Mapping Your Destiny

  • Insights and tools for developing a road map for your spiritual journey.

Module 10: Alchemy of Abundance

  • Understand the spiritual principles of manifesting abundance in various aspects of life.

Module 11: Creating Sacred Space

  • Learn how to create a dedicated space for your spiritual practices, cleanse your home energetically, and create a space that supports your spiritual soul.

Council Gatherings


Human beings are biologically wired for connection, which not only boosts our physical and mental well-being but also fuels our personal growth journeys.


Join our Council Gatherings to amplify your transformation, tapping into the collective energy of a like-minded tribe, fostering resilience, and making the journey of self-discovery more impactful and rewarding.


Line-Up for the West

01: Rituals & Spells

02: Rewild Your Soul

03: Deep Earth Connection

04: Unlock Your Inner Magick

05: Shadow & Light

06: Ancestral Threads

Grimoire & Curiosity Cabinet Workshop (13 Weeks)

From setting intentions to integrating your experiences, this workshop walks you through the process of creating your own Grimoire and Curiosity Cabinet. Each module comes with video tutorials, downloadable templates, and additional reading materials. The course concludes with a live call where participants can share their experiences.

Program Highlights


Nature-Based Connection Exercises

12 Mother Earth Connection Exercises: Rekindle your bond with nature through activities designed to plug you back into Earth's grounding energy. Experience firsthand the calming and integrative power of the natural world.

Interactive Council Gatherings

6 Live, Interactive Sessions: Connect, discuss, and grow in a safe and sacred space with like-minded individuals. Each session is designed to deepen your understanding and practice, giving you the opportunity to share and learn from others on the same spiritual journey.

Grimoire & Curiosity Cabinet Workshop

13-Week Crafting Experience: Infuse your own energy as you handcraft your Grimoire and Curiosity Cabinet. This workshop spans 13 weeks and guides you step-by-step in creating a personalized repository of wisdom, magic, and curiosity.

Guided Immersive Meditations

13 Curated Esoteric Journeys: Embark on guided meditative experiences that take you beyond the surface, right into the heart of esoteric wisdom. Crafted to be deeply immersive, these meditations offer transformative shifts in your consciousness.

Comprehensive Rituals

19 Transformative Rituals: Immerse yourself in profound experiences designed to connect you with your higher self and the natural world. These rituals serve as spiritual milestones, marking your progress and growth throughout the course.

Masterfully Crafted Apothecary Recipes

32 Expertly-Crafted Recipes: Unlock the ancient wisdom of herbal blends, incense, potions, and elixirs. Perfect for enhancing your spiritual practice, boosting your well-being, and enriching your everyday life.

Movement & Music

11 Curated Embodiment Exercises: Engage your senses and elevate your spiritual practice with specially selected music and movement routines. These exercises aim to harmonize your body and soul, leading you to a fuller state of embodiment.

Ritual Writing Exercises

13 Soul-Searching Writing Exercises: Dive deep into self-discovery, soul recovery, and personal integration. Crafted to provoke thought and promote healing, these exercises serve as keys to unlocking a more authentic you.

Heed the Call, Firefly


There has never been a better time than NOW to embark on this soul-filled journey.

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... Here's What the Students Say ...

Hillary Self

"Joining Dakota’s WOW has been the single most impactful investment I’ve made in my soul’s growth + evolution. The community she’s fostered, the teaching she has amassed + the tools she arms her students with have all positively affected my life’s trajectory. I am clear now, on my values + my vision: and I take steps each day towards that, thanks to her influence on my life.”


“… you are seen, heard, and empowered by a caring and loving tribe. From the support staff to Dakota. The mentorship well exceeded all my expectations. I was happy to be in community and ministry with other men doing soul work alongside powerful women. A beautiful balance of the sacred feminine and masculine”


Dakota has a magical way of imparting ancient wisdom in a manner that is easily digestible and naturally assimilated. Her online platform is truly remarkable and the community she has built within that framework is diverse, welcoming, and heartwarming. I am beyond grateful to be a part of such extraordinary soul work.”


"As someone who has dabbled in various spiritual paths, I was drawn to the Way of the Warrior program for its rich synthesis of Shamanic and Druidic teachings. I couldn't have made a better choice. The depth of wisdom presented in this course is truly unparalleled. It's not just about theories or abstract concepts; it's a deeply practical guide that has shown me how to seamlessly integrate shamanic practices into my daily life. In short, this course has been a revelation, offering wisdom that I can readily apply, whether I'm in a business meeting, spending time with family, or simply taking a walk in nature. I've found a harmonious balance between the mystical and the mundane, and that, for me, is the true mastery that the Way of the Warrior program offers."


Dakota's practical and soulful approach to Shamanic practises and Celtic Druidry offers a depth to her teaching which is unique and truly transformative. I feel her heart shines through every word of wisdom she offers both in the training sessions and her guided meditations. Her impeccable presence is powerful. There are so many gifts I have received encouragement, confidence and warmth. I am most grateful for her support and the tribe and consider them to be my soul family.


"Before joining the Way of the Warrior program, I felt disconnected and lost, both spiritually and personally. The chaos of modern life had consumed me, and I was yearning for a deeper, more meaningful connection with both the natural world and my inner self. From the moment I began the course, I knew I had found something extraordinary. I can't thank Gaia Wisdom School enough for this incredible journey. I feel rewilded, reconnected, and most importantly, reborn. If you're ready for a life-altering experience, don't hesitate. This course is a sanctuary where souls come to bloom."

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