Elevate Your Soul Healing

Occasionally, we require an infusion of energy, enhanced clarity, or a fresh perspective. Dakota's one-on-one work is both profound and transformative, seamlessly integrating elements of the Medicine Wheel, Chakra System, and the timeless wisdom of the Druids to deliver an exceptional healing session that empowers you to access your innate reservoir of insight. By creating and maintaining a supportive space, Dakota enables you to reconnect with your deepest self and rediscover the essence of your being.

Emotional Integration Private Session

Experience the unparalleled potency of the Emotional Integration Session, a transformative experience often likened to the impact of two decades of therapy. Emotions can become trapped within our physical and energetic bodies, and it's essential to release them to unlock our full potential and overcome the blocks, fears, and emotions that hinder us. Profoundly transformative, this session will leave you feeling lighter, liberated, and more readily able to access your joy.

Typically, we address one emotion per session. To allow for sufficient processing, integration, and energy shifting, it is advised not to work with more than two emotions per month before progressing further.

Beyond integrating and releasing trapped emotions, the Emotional Integration Session also offers soul recovery, cord-cutting to reclaim personal power, and chakra balancing for holistic healing and growth.

Emotional Integration Group Sessions

Embark on a powerful monthly odyssey under the luminous Full Moon with our Emotional Integration Group Sessions. Each gathering is laser-focused on integrating a specific emotion, harnessing the potent energy of the Full Moon for transformational releases. Elevate your emotional well-being while unlocking exclusive cost-saving benefits—join us and experience soul-deep healing in a communal setting.

Shamanic Focused Coaching 

In this session, you will explore your experiences through the perspective of the Medicine Wheel, a powerful symbol of life's cyclical nature. Energy continuously flows throughout the Medicine Wheel, with its directions serving as potent catalysts. Occasionally, this energy reveals itself in recurrent behavioral patterns that manifest in our lives.

I will guide you in examining your current situations using the Medicine Wheel's lens, facilitating a deeper understanding of your obstacles, emotions, and approaches. Together, we will analyze your actions and inactions, and I will assist you in devising an action plan to foster a heart-centered life, breaking free from limiting patterns. Be prepared for meaningful assignments (referred to as Soul Work) to support your growth.

*Packages apply to Shamanic Coaching sessions only*


Rediscover your inner compass and reconnect with celestial guidance in a transformative session with Dakota. Whether you seek to rekindle the bond with your own soul or re-establish your connection to spirit guides, Dakota's expertise will illuminate the path back to alignment. This is more than a session; it's a reawakening, a sacred space designed to bring you back to your authentic self and spiritual companions. Reclaim your connection and reignite your spiritual journey today.