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Dreamscapes is a comprehensive course that explores a diverse range of topics, from dream tracking to shapeshifting, soul tracking, and journeying, all aimed at unlocking deeper layers of your subconscious.

Along your journey, you will have the opportunity to create a beautiful dream journal, which will allow you to easily access and reflect on insightful details as soon as you wake up. 

Join us on this transformative path of self-discovery, and gain the tools to unlock the mysteries of your inner world.

What you'll get:

  • 10 Weeks of Rich Content
  • Dream Journal Download
  • Invaluable Wisdom

Discover your inner world with Dreamscapes—a revolutionary 11-session program that enables you to explore the realm of dreams like never before.

Whether you’re curious about lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, or working with the Akasha, this course will answer your questions, awaken your curiosity, and provide you a greater understanding of yourself through your dreamworld – daydreams, sleep dreams, soul tracking, journeying, and meditation.