$175.00 USD

Shamanic Focused Coaching

In this session, you will explore your experiences through the perspective of the Medicine Wheel, a powerful symbol of life's cyclical nature. Energy continuously flows throughout the Medicine Wheel, with its directions serving as potent catalysts. Occasionally, this energy reveals itself in recurrent behavioral patterns that manifest in our lives.

I will guide you in examining your current situations using the Medicine Wheel's lens, facilitating a deeper understanding of your obstacles, emotions, and approaches. Together, we will analyze your actions and inactions, and I will assist you in devising an action plan to foster a heart-centered life, breaking free from limiting patterns. Be prepared for meaningful assignments (referred to as Soul Work) to support your growth.

What you'll get:

  • Clarity on your next best steps
  • Wisdom from the Medicine Wheel
  • Insights from your Soul's perspective, not the Ego

Once purchased you will be directed to answering a few questions in your Client Portal prior to your session.