Emotional Integration

Experience the unparalleled potency of the Emotional Integration Session, a transformative experience often likened to the impact of two decades of therapy. This powerful session helps release trapped emotions within our physical and energetic bodies, allowing us to unlock our full potential by surmounting the blocks, fears, and emotions that hold us back. Engaging and deeply transformational, this session will imbue you with a sense of lightness, freedom, and an enhanced ability to tap into your inner joy.

What you'll get:

  • Release & Integrate an Emotion that has held you back
  • Recover a lost soul piece
  • Cut cords to those who have been robbing you of your power
  • Balance your chakric system
  • Restore a sense of inner peace

This session is about 90 minutes long, you will want to also leave time after your session for further integration on your own.

$195.00 USD