$175.00 USD

Soul Recovery

Soul Loss occurs when we undergo trauma or significant impact, causing our psyche to shield us from the experience. If not addressed, these lost fragments can manifest as a range of symptoms, leaving us feeling incomplete and drained. While I encourage individuals to learn how to recover their own soul pieces, seeking the assistance of a knowledgeable guide can be beneficial.

In this session, I will accompany you on a guided journey to rediscover the parts of your soul that are ready to return at this time. We are likely to retrieve one or two crucial fragments, providing you with substantial material to work with upon completion. The advantage of this session is that you will not only regain these pieces, but also actively participate in the process.

What you'll get:

  • A long lost soul piece will return
  • More balance and wholeness
  • A sense of connection

Please allow some time after your session for further integration, and time for journaling.