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Full Moon Group Sessions: A Time for Emotional Integration and Spiritual Growth

Embrace the unique energy of each Full Moon as you embark on a transformative group journey towards spiritual enlightenment and emotional balance. Our group sessions are intentionally scheduled on Full Moon nights to harness the moon's transformative energy. This alignment allows us to dive deep into our emotional core, facilitating a profound shared transformation.

Why Full Moon? Throughout history, lunar cycles have been pivotal for rituals and transformations. The Full Moon is a potent time for releasing what no longer serves us and embracing new beginnings. It’s an auspicious moment where energies culminate, making it an ideal time for emotional integration work.

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Are you  navigating the turbulent waters of modern life, searching for spiritual support and emotional balance?


Pause. Take a deep, soulful breath. You're not alone on this quest, my friend. You've stumbled upon a sacred sanctuary that has served as a wellspring of transformative wisdom for nearly three decades. Welcome to Gaia Wisdom School of Celtic & Shamanic Studies, your haven for emotional and spiritual metamorphosis.

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Imagine a Journey That Goes Beyond Words, Deep Into the Essence of You

Picture this: a transformative space where you can dive into your innermost caverns, exploring the labyrinthine twists of your emotions. What if one group session could offer you the essence of two decades of traditional talk therapy, leading you to a profound shift that you never thought possible?

Yes, our Emotional Integration Group Session is that transformative. It's not just a promise; it's a potent experience that many of our past participants describe as being "akin to 20 years of talk therapy."

Why Choose Dakota?

For nearly three decades, Dakota has been holding the lantern high, illuminating the path of inner soulscapes for individuals like you. Dakota marries ancestral wisdom with cutting-edge understandings in personal development and spiritual growth. Her sessions are less about dictating and more about guiding, less about dogma and more about discovery.

Your guide, Dakota, with a unique blend of shamanic and druidic knowledge, has designed this session with one focus: You.

What's in the Emotional Integration Group Session?

This uniquely crafted group session is a deep dive into the ethereal world of the Chakra system, an ancient but ever-relevant framework for understanding and integrating your emotions. Dakota weaves together shamanic practices and spiritual reflections, facilitating a transformative journey that will help you:

  • Release Emotional Blockages: Shed the weight that's been anchoring your soul.
  • Align Your Energy Centers: Find your inner harmony and tap into a wellspring of life force.
  • Integrate Emotions: Sync your emotional state with your overall well-being, mastering techniques to maintain this newfound balance.

Let's Talk Investment: Transformative Wisdom Shouldn't Be a Luxury

In a world that often places monetary value on inner peace and spiritual enlightenment, we at Gaia Wisdom School believe that everyone should have access to tools that nourish the soul and heal the heart. While the value of deep emotional work is beyond any price tag, we are keenly aware of the real-world constraints that may limit your journey.


Private Session or Group Session — Choose Your Path

We offer deeply personalized private sessions that provide a one-on-one journey into the depths of your soul, meticulously tailored to your unique needs. These sessions come at a premium investment of $195 per session — a reflection of the individualized attention and specialized resources poured into each session.


Making Transformation Accessible with Group Sessions

However, we also understand that not everyone may be in a position to invest in a private session. And truthfully, there's a different kind of magic that happens in a group — the collective energy, the shared experiences, and the multifaceted wisdom that comes from multiple perspectives. That's why we have created our Emotional Integration Group Session as an accessible alternative without compromising on the transformative experience.

For just $75 per person, you can partake in a collective journey that offers both individual breakthroughs and collective wisdom. It's an intimate yet shared space where you can tap into not just the wisdom of the teacher, but also the shared energies of like-minded souls on similar journeys.


Empower Yourself, Regardless of Your Budget

So whether you're inclined towards the undivided focus of a private session or drawn to the shared spiritual tapestry of a group session, Gaia Wisdom School offers avenues for everyone. We've priced our group session intentionally to make it as inclusive as possible — because we believe in the ripple effect of shared transformation. When one of us heals, we all heal. When one of us grows, we all grow.

Your journey towards emotional integration and spiritual growth shouldn't be dictated by financial considerations. And with us, it doesn't have to be.

Join us, choose your path, and let's walk this transformative journey together. Your soul's evolution is priceless; let's honor that.

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We live in a society that often silences emotional expression rather than cultivating it. How many times were you told as a child that "boys don't cry," or to "be strong"? Such phrases are emotional tape that we unconsciously apply throughout our lives, layering one emotion on top of the other like precarious Jenga blocks. Each piece representing different emotional experiences that we never fully integrate, making our emotional life unstable and overwhelming.


Opening Rituals and Embarking on a Chakra Journey

Your journey starts with Dakota opening the sacred space through time-honored rituals. She then guides you on a meticulously crafted excursion through your Chakra system. Each Chakra serves a specific role, designed to help clear and integrate the emotion focused upon for that session. The path is laden with music, mantras, the primal rhythms of drumming, and Dakota's specifically led guidance.

The Culmination: Emotional Transformation

The crescendo of this journey is like finding that one Jenga block—pulling it out carefully—and watching the entire tower gracefully collapse. Not to eliminate the emotion but to dismantle the accumulated emotional plaque. From this moment, you begin anew, allowing future emotional experiences to be less tainted and more pure.

Before, During, and After Your Session

  • Before: Prior to your group session, you'll receive pre-session instructions replete with journaling prompts. These prompts are your trowel and brush in the archaeological dig of your inner world.

  • During: Although the session offers a communal atmosphere, your personal emotional journey is yours alone to traverse. You won't be asked to share personal revelations in the group setting, but an opportunity to introduce yourself will be available.

  • After: You'll likely find yourself in a deep meditative state as the session closes. Dakota will offer post-session guidance to help you further integrate your experiences.

A Sacred Oath of Confidentiality

Above all, your privacy is sacred to us. The session will not be recorded, and every participant is expected to uphold a respectful atmosphere of confidentiality.

So, are you ready to topple your Jenga tower of suppressed emotions and start fresh with a newfound emotional clarity? Join us on this transformative journey, where we pull out the blocks and lay the foundation for a more integrated you.

Sarah M.

"The Emotional Integration Group Session unearthed deep-rooted feelings and gave me the tools to release them in a nurturing, supportive environment."

Emily R.

"No therapy or self-help book has ever brought me to the depths that this session has. It's revolutionary." 

Jessica W.

"I felt as if decades-old burdens lifted. My emotional and energetic landscapes have forever changed."