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Human beings are biologically wired for connection, which not only boosts our physical and mental well-being but also fuels our personal growth journeys.

Join our Council Gatherings to amplify your transformation, tapping into the collective energy of a like-minded tribe, fostering resilience, and making the journey of self-discovery more impactful and rewarding.



"Embrace the journey, not just the destination, with Dakota as your guide. Together, we'll unearth wisdom, awaken magic, and dance with life's infinite possibilities."


Why Join this Tribe?

These are just a few of the many reasons:

  • Live Interactive Workshops: Each Council Gathering is a live, 2-hour experience that invites active participation. No pre-recorded content – just real, hands-on, transformative work
  • Rich Conversations: Dive into thought-provoking discussions and debates that deepen your understanding and perspective. Every conversation is a chance to learn, grow, and contribute to our collective wisdom.

  • Embracing Community: Belong to a tribe that truly knows how to hold space. The Council Gatherings are a supportive environment where everyone's voice is valued and respected.

  • Deepen Your Practice: These Council Gatherings will not just equip you with knowledge but also provide practical tools and rituals to integrate this wisdom into your daily life. They serve as a catalyst to translate learning into meaningful action.

  • Dynamic Learning Experience: These gatherings are far from a one-way lecture. Expect a dynamic blend of teaching, activities, group work, and individual reflection that caters to different learning styles.

Yes, It Really Does Exist

It's hard to find a solid community, much less in the virtual world. But somehow, we've created something extraordinary here.


Continue the Discussions After the Council Gatherings

  • Active ongoing conversations
  • Support from one another
  • A global family of like-minded folks.

When you purchase a season pass, you'll also have access to Avalon, our tribe's home away from home.

2023-2024 Sessions

Autumn - Alchemist Sessions

Winter - Soul Shaman Sessions

Spring - Visionary Sessions

Are the Council Gatherings for you?

  • You crave a sense of community
  • You value deep, enriching conversations
  • You're committed to personal growth
  • You appreciate live, interactive learning
  • You believe in the power of tribe

Meet Dakota Earth Cloud

Dakota Earth Cloud Walker is the esteemed founder of Gaia Wisdom School, an innovative platform providing transformative programs that integrate ancient wisdom with modern practices. With her deep-rooted connection to the Earth and her vast knowledge of shamanic teachings, Dakota has nurtured a lifelong mission to inspire and guide individuals on their spiritual journeys. Her dedication to fostering community and promoting sustainable living is the cornerstone of her teachings and is palpably present in each course, workshop, and council gathering she facilitates.

Having traversed an enlightening path herself, Dakota understands the importance of weaving personal experiences with structured learning to create a unique educational environment. This profound understanding has led her to design her programs with an emphasis on experiential learning, thereby providing a space for students to explore their inner landscapes while building authentic connections with the outer world. Dakota's effervescent spirit, combined with her wisdom and experience, truly sets her apart as a luminary in the realm of spiritual education.

"Dakota’s practical and soulful approach to shamanic practices and Celtic Druidry offers a depth to her teaching which is unique and truly transformative."

- Munira

"…you are seen, heard, and empowered by a caring and loving tribe. From the support staff to Dakota"

- Condor

"Joining Dakota’s Sacred Wheel Masterclass has been the single most impactful investment I’ve made in my soul’s growth + evolution."

- Hillary

Council Gatherings Packages

To purchase an individual Council Gathering Session, click above on the session you'd like to attend. Or, purchase a package below and choose which ones you would like to attend. Packages are valid for one year from original purchase.

Individual Session Price: $22 per session

Package: 5 Gatherings


Pick any 5 Sessions

($20 per Session)


Package: 10 Gatherings


Pick any 10 Sessions

($18 per Session)


Package: 24 Gatherings (Full Year)


Attend 24 sessions for full year from purchase date.

($12 per Session)